Printing QR Code Labels and Tags

Hi-Tech durable QR Code labels and tags for inventory and asset tracking. Variable packages that we offer allow you to start using modern inventory and asset management systems immediately. Order pre-printed labels with custom number patterns, or encode your custom information.
» Printing QR Code Labels

Dynamic QR Codes For Businesses

Give your employees and customers quick access to information, instructions with our dynamic QR code services. Change information via the web interface without re-printing QR code labels and tags. Employees and customers access information by scanning QR code with a smartphone.
» Dynamic QR Codes

Inventory Management Software

Need a software to manage your assets and inventory? QR Inventory is a modern, lightweight yet powerful web based inventory management software that uses QR codes and smartphones as scanners. Process inventory transaction, look up stock, access critical information from anywhere.
» Asset & Inventory Management Software

CD and DVD Duplication

CD and DVD production includes:
DVD and CD duplication, short run and on demand
Full color photo-quality surface imprinting
Printing of inserts, insert booklets, tray cards, DVD covers
Packaging and fulfillment
Web-based data management, ordering & accounting
Web-based registration & ordering system for clients / students
» CD & DVD Duplication

Blu Ray Disk Duplication

Blu-ray duplication, short runs & on-demand production
Premium quality Verbatim®, Memorex® or Kodak® media
100% Verification / Error Check on all duplication orders
25 or 50 GB capacity
Full-color direct on disc printing
Web-based data management, ordering & accounting
Web-based registration & ordering for clients / students
» Blu Ray Disk Duplication

On-Demand and Short Run Printing

Many documents, such as software manuals, user guides, catalogs, and others require frequent updates. We print short runs of documents in days, often within one business day. Our pinting service will fit perfectly both: frequently changing contents of your documents, and need for quick turn-around. It is an excellent alternative to in-house printing that requires significant investment in equipment and staff time, but rarely produces professionally-looking documents.
» On-Demand & Short Run Printing

Video & Audio: Mastering, Editing, Conversion

Conversion of video from VHS, mini-DV, miniDVD, DVD, 8mm camcoder tapes, video CD to DVD, blu-ray or streaming video formats for internet. We will help you with video editing projects, such as creating blu-ray disk from multiple DVD, creating a short presentation out of one or several longer movies, etc. Please, contact us to discuss your video editing project. Audio capabilities include digitizing tapes and LPs, cleaning noise, mastering audio and mp3 CDs.
» Video & Audio

Training And Educational Materials Production & Fulfillment

Delta L Printing developed, tested and now provides a set of services uniquely suited for educational organizations and corporate training departments. Our service may include any or all of the following components:
Digital media and training literature production.
Web-based ordering. One business day fulfillment.
On demand production = no over- or under- ordering.
» Training & Educational Materials

Mobile Business Forms

Convert your paper forms into mobile forms that can be filled out on the smartphones and tablets. Save your employees' time, printing costs and never lose collected information.
Submitted data are stored in the cloud - you can access them from anywhere, search, review, export, produce reports and statistics.
Link forms to assets and equipment, identify equipment and list of relevant forms by scanning QR code with a smartphone.
» Mobile Business Forms



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